Amazing hang out place for kids! ArtScience Museum Singapore

It was fantabulous to visit the ArtScience museum at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. School holidays are on and I have been cracking my head to bring her out. This was on my list for a long time.

Because of the school holidays, it was more crowded than expected. We stood in the queue to get our tickets. But I would suggest, it is better to book online as online ticket collection queue was shorter.

Soon we got our tix. The staff at the counter was friendly and polite. They showed us the way to proceed to the exhibition. I did ask Rhea if she wanted to go to the washroom as the toilet was right beside the ticketing counter. And I was not sure if we could come out once entered. (We can btw).

Gentleman at the entrance cautioned us that clicking picture with flash wasn’t allowed. So, one can take pictures, just don’t turn on the flash.  

As we entered there was a Q to enter in a small dark room. Inside the room, there was a spotlight and everyone sat around there. No one had a clue on what was coming. So, the crowd was looking around when a loud music started with light show. I felt that the floor was moving. But still not sure if it was. The gazillion lights were moving very fast on the screen. It felt like we were on a roller coaster ride in space. Some people felt dizzy and went out in the middle of the show. Rhea and I enjoyed the show till the end. It lasted for about 10mins. Then people moved on  to the next destination. Little ahead there was a big hall with bean bags lying on the floor. People were sitting and enjoying the soothing music and imaginary sea side. I took the below pic there.

ArtScience Museum Singapore

Next we went up the stairs. On top there was giant slide with colourful pictures and interactive light. Everyone including grown ups were enjoying the slide. Me and Rhea also plunged and landed on soft carpet. It was smooth and breezy.

We walked in to see there was a giant canvas with moving city on it. There were truckes/houses/ spaceships and what not. All of them were of different colors and but sizes are more or less same. The people were sitting around with their kids, colouring pictures on drawing sheets. Check this out –

                                          Digital Interactive Wall +ArtScienceMuseum Education 

One girl went to the printer like machine, input her design and then pressed a yellow button. She quickly ran and started staring at the wall as if she was locating something. I didn’t understand what’s going on. I asked a lady staff. And she explained that one has to color the drawing and then scan it and your drawing will start showing on the digital wall. Me and Rhea sat down and coloured few pictures. Rhea went and scanned hers. After few seconds, she was jumping with joy seeing her drawing come alive… It was exciting indeed. There were many other interesting digital activities like giant lit balls that kids were throwing at each others. Interactive floor, hotch – potch design maker and many more.

                                          Giant Lit Ball +ArtScienceMuseum Education 

Interactive Hotch-Potch Station
Interactive Floor -ArtScience Museum

Most exciting thing for Rhea was the slide. It was indeed a hit among kids as they were doing again and again. With other parents, I was enjoying the fun and laughter of the kids. One can easily spend 3-4 hours inside the museum and kids still don’t get bored.

Ticket Prices is as below :

ArtScience Museum Ticket Prices


                                                  Giant Slide that I was talking about earlier


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