An effort to cope with fakeness around!

Few of my friends suggested that my writing style is more like a personal diary and that is true. I am not aspiring to be a full- fledged writer anytime soon. So, all feedback are welcome. This blog is more about my experiences from day to day life and sharing the learning from them.

My most recent challenge was when my elder daughter (Rhea) complained about her hair. Apparently, someone in the class told her that her hair looks messy (which was true because it is thick and wavy and without oil, it’s all over the place). She wanted to have a straight long hair just like her close friend Liona. When she told me for the first time, I was bit taken aback. I didn’t have a proper answer. So, I told her she has a beautiful hair and I loved her a lot. Of course, she wasn’t convinced and me neither. She turned around and said,”But your hair is straight too and I like your hair and I want same as yours”. I was totally caught by the moment. How do I tell her that my straight hair is fake? I had to undergo a treatment to make it straight. My natural hair is just like hers.

I can’t blame her for asking something that she sees around her all the time. I don’t understand the obsession behind straight hair. Everyone has similar texture and color. I was still thinking, how do I get her to value what she has? I felt awful. Even if I tell her the truth, two issue – first she may not understand about the treatment and it will confuse her more. Secondly,  this will give a signal that I am not happy with what I have. Our desire to attain perfection has grown to an extent that now we have more beauty salons/treatments than ever before. Women are getting various treatments to have a perfect eye, shape, and/or legs. These cosmetic treatments may be blessing for some but the issue is that even a good looking women are trying to enhance their beauty. Though good looks is a relative term. We all have forgotten that beauty is internal and not external. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Young girls are obsessed with beauty treatments from hair to eyes to skin treatments. An age when they are still growing and a lot can change. Few acne on their face and literally bomb drop somewhere.

When I came to Singapore, I was amazed by the perfect skin, body and hair of the girls. During office hours, every girl would look picture perfect, straight from the salon and ready to go to some party or event. So, coming from a country where average girls didn’t know much about personal care (or probably I was weird), to a country where everyone looked so perfect. Much later, I realised that a lot of effort and money goes into looking this groomed. The only problem to that is that people are way too much engrossed in good looks. This makes society shallow and fake.

My challenge was how to get Rhea be proud of what she has. So,I gave her a googly. I told her that I bought a special shampoo that makes her hair look wavy and beautiful. And when her hair grows long, it would look like Elsa/Anna from Frozen. She bought that story and went and told her friends. And I must say she has inherited some good communication skills. Her friends were convinced and excited about the shampoo. I wonder what would have happened to all the mothers that evening! But I had passed the ball from my court and was feeling much relaxed. Now Rhea happily combs her hair and look into the mirror confidently. And I have won the battle for the time being.



Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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