Badrinath ki dulhania – Entertaining with a strong social message

It’s been 10 days since the movie is out and as per the reports, it is doing well. I managed to catch the movie  this weekend. It was good. Why the urge to write a review? Well, because there is a strong social message that every individual must notice.

The movie had a good start where they show a small town family that has lots of money and they are looking to find a bride for the son Badri (Varun Dhawan). He is a metric pass and works with his money lender dad to collect money. His life is good until he sees a girl in a wedding. He really likes her and through his photographer friend, convinces her draconian father (who is greedy for dowry) to talk to the girl’s father. The proposal reaches to the girl’s family and she refuses it. She has bigger dreams for herself. Badri kept insisting on marrying her and helps in getting her elder sister married. But something happens on the day of the wedding when both sisters were supposed to get married. That sets the tone for the second half.

I totally loved Varun Dhawan as Jhansi’s boy. He was deep into Badri’s character. He successfully emulated UP boy when it comes to accent, style, tone and gestures. Alia as Vaidehi looked same. In fact, her accent was little annoying at certain instances. She looked good and convincing in her character. She is an aspiring small town girl who wants respect more than love. She wants to be financially independent and earn lots of money for the family.

The facts that struck me were – In the backdrop, the girl Vaidehi attempted to open a saloon with her ex-boyfriend who betrayed her. Showing a small town girl who is thinking of having her own business is a big deal. That itself is very ambitious. She had enrolled for English classes. Learning English is a big deal in India. If you know the language, then getting a job is comparatively lot easier for the individual. While she was making efforts to find a job and be financially independent, the boy was roaming around with friends.

He knew his father was the reason why the elder brother didn’t marry the love of his life. His bhabhi is a highly qualified lady but she is not allowed to work. She is just involved in household work. He does find it odd but he only realizes his bhabhi’s pain and suffering much later in the movie when he sees that how important it is for her fiancé to work. The main hindrance in their marriage is that he couldn’t stand up against his father when he asked for a huge dowry.

Bollywood has been a mirror of the society. The stories are obliquely inspired by someone’s story. And I can tell you that this is what is happening in small towns. Girls are working hard to be independent. They want to work and create her own identity. Whereas boys are stuck with what their parents decide for them. They are still stuck with customs and traditions because of course, it works in their favor.

One of the reasons why it is getting harder to find a right girl or a right guy for marriage. Because there is a huge expectation gap. The boy’s family would want to look for a homely girl who would want to stay at home and follow age-old family traditions. Boys are supportive of this idea. They would want to marry a girl who would take care of his parents, can manage cooking and household work. Or can go out and work but still listen and live per his parent’s wishes. On the other hand, girls are chasing their dreams. More keen to work and be financially more independent. They don’t want their parents to pay any dowry or hold their head low in front of boy’s family. Because of this expectation gap, the divorce rates are high.

This movie is a good step in changing the mindset in an entertaining way. Boys and their parents are stuck with old traditions. Some people don’t even realize what is wrong with the society because of the lack of exposure. Parents those who have a boy and a girl at home understands this wave of change compared to a household with only boys.

Though second half gets little slow but overall the movie is entertaining with a big social message. Loved it!



Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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