Best Hospital for toddlers! KK Women and Children Hospital

A lot of expats with kids when they come to Singapore, their main concern is Medical facilities. When we came, we were singles and the first time when I got pregnant, I went to Raffles Hospital. But because there was no lady gynae available, I was advised to go to KK. One of the key reasons why they suggested KK is because it was lot cheaper than any other hospital.

Medical in Singapore is super expensive and for kids, one always look for more affordable hospital because not all costs are covered by Insurance. Both my kids are born in KK. Though not everyone had a great experience with KK but so far our experience has been good.

I just wanted to review the Medical facilities through KK :-

1) Most important for any hospital is the quality of doctors : Medical is a profession where people get more expert by handling the number of cases. The more patients a doctor sees means means more experienced and therefore good. One of the reasons why Indian doctors are so good. Because they have to deal with so many patients every day. oKK is one of the most popular hospitals so it gets the maximum number of the cases. Even though, I may not be satisfied with the quality of doctsors but I am sure this one is best amongst the lot.

2) Hygiene/Cleanliness : Most of the people here are very hygenic. By that means, this may not be best face. By hygiene I mean toilets, wards, corridors etc. Having said that it definitely matches basic hygiene requirements which is not that bad.

3) Nurses : This is a mix of nurses. Some are very rude and some of them are really nice. I would rather ignore the rude ones and focus on hard working and nice nurses. Overall nurses are very cooperative, kind and good personality. There is a humane touch. I still remember my first pregnancy, I had a severe blood loss. I was not able to get up from bed and go to washroom and shower. The patience and help that they offered that time, I still remember the experience. Because of that experience, we went to the same doc in same hospital for second pregancy.

4) Equipments/Instruments : KK has all the equipments and instruments required for any severe cases. A lot of hospitals also refer the cases to KK. So when you are in KK, rest assured that you will be alright when you go back home. Doctors take responsibility for that. For both of my pregnancies , I had complications and we felt so helpless but this place gave us an assurance that things will be alright. Our doctor Ms.J.M Lee personally took care of me even though she always has a huge line up of patients everyday. She was sensitive, caring and protective.

5) Overall attending time : So in case of any illness, one has to straightaway go to emergency. There is very few appointments that can be taken in advance. Post emergency you may request for a follow up check ups but generally it is not required. Once a kid goes out of emergency, usually he is fine. At least I never had any bad experience. Whenever my kids fall sick, I normally bring them to KK. There have been times when KK staff told us to bring the kids to GP if they are not serious or something but somehow I have been trusting KK. I must admit that the wait time in KK is crazy, of course for the same reason that everyone goes there. But nurses and doctors are very patient with everyone.

So, yeah there are some hospitals in Singapore that are super expensive and the ambience of the hospital would be like a five star hotel with fantastic services but of course not sure about the medical facilities. For my needs, I will continue to trust KK.


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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