Changing definition of “Success”!

I have to apologize from readers for staying away for so long. There was a lot going on in my personal life. Kids falling sick, hunting for a new house, getting school admission sorted and what not. Anyways starting December, things are looking more settled. I will be going on leave from 15th December and that should give me more opportunity to update this blog more often. The upcoming topics will cover some of the topics requested by you all. And thanks for writing into me because your feedback helps and improves my thought process and writing.

The topic that I chose today has been lingering in my thoughts for a while. It triggered when there was a news in the market about layoffs in banks and tech companies. Few of our known ones were affected and lost their jobs.That led me thinking, people who were doing great in their jobs, lost job today, so were they successful or not?

While growing up we were expected to get a high paying job after education. The bigger your package, the more successful you were. And keep growing corporate ladder and become director/senior director/head of department etc and that’s it, you are labeled as successful…But unlike the past, nowadays moving up the success ladder is a lot faster and one can achieve “success” at an early age due to changing business environment. Companies expand faster during good times.With poor economy, shrink at the same rate. That means people lose jobs with every restructure companies go through. And it is no body’s fault because, in the capitalist economy, the only objective is survival. So, though we have more CEOs, Heads, Senior directors etc. which means a lot more people can be successful through new mushrooming opportunities. But at the same time, news of layingoff make people nervous. And in case you get laid off, which can happen with no fault of yours, it raises a doubt on your capability and attitude. Parents, family, and friends don’t understand that layoffs are part of life now and it can happen to anyone. And this mindset has to change. Instead of fear of losing a job, the attitude should be to work harder and play harder.

 With this, the point I am trying to make is that gone are days when your success was defined by the title in the company and the package you were drawing. Today the success is about whether you have a job  and can you pay your dues and most importantly are you happy? Happiness necessarily doesn’t come from money or position in the company.

One should definitely be ambitious and keep an eye on their goal but associating your self esteem with your work place, designation in company and salary drawn is a bad idea. Because these things doesn’t define a human being.

It’s high time, we stop running after high paying jobs, and high-profile lifestyle. Because all of that could be temporary. The most important are to have a stable and consistent lifestyle which you can maintain whether you have a job or not.

The ultimate success benchmark should be happiness and living a fulfilling life. Everyone defines their own success ladder, so don’t follow anyone and don’t imitate anyone. You should strive to be best of yourself.


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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