Channelise your energy for positive outcome!

This was a very busy week. Lots of things going on. And in the midst of all this, there was a lunch scheduled with an old friend. I was so tempted to cancel/postpone the meeting because of my blocked calendar but then I went ahead and met her. And it turned out to be such a wonderful meeting. Connecting with her after almost 3-4 years and in this span, there had been tonnes of changes that happened on both sides. We talked about changes, life, work, career, husbands and what not. And I did realize that she had quite a tough last few years and I was totally amazed how she beat the challenges to come out stronger than ever before. Her words and suggestions were like I was meant to hear them. God had sent her to talk to me and assure me that no matter how tough times are, things change and Change is the only constant.

One of the key learning from our discussion was “Channelize your energy“. There are some very powerful emotions that we go through in everyday life and we all have our ways to deal with it. The method with which you deal your emotions makes it all the difference. So, emotions like anger, sorrow, sadness, love etc. are sometimes very strong. It is comparatively easier to handle happiness (some people can’t even manage that), but how about anger, sorrow, love? One way is to express it and bear the brunt of it. Because there is no assurance that the person with whom you shared your emotions will understand you thoroughly. Having said that  this is one of the easy ways to handle. There is another more positive and powerful way to handle and this is suggested by my friend – Channelize your energy to do something positive. At the point when you are overpowered by some of these emotions, it is important that you do something that you love doing it  and beat that ill feeling. Let it pass. The positive side would be that gradually you will attain excellence in what you love doing. Probably this is the reason why some people love to clean the house or wash clothes, starts reading or exercise when they are controlled by a particular emotion. This is definitely not a new concept but sometimes we tend to forget and this is a good reminder.

Knowing her family background in India, she is a true rag to riches story who did wonders based on her talent and intelligence. She has been a topper throughout her life in schools and colleges. It becomes a big deal when at one point – her aunts/buas suggested her father, that she shouldn’t attend college because she is beautiful and has already completed 10th standard. If she goes to college, she will be over-qualified and will not be able to find a groom. And now she is happily married to her love who supports her in all walks of life. Also, when her current job is so demanding.

She takes care of her own parents, her in-laws are very proud of her success and she also takes care of her elder sister’s family who is also in Singapore. With all that going on, she aspires to be a filmmaker. She has scripted a thriller and she is waiting to turn it into a film. The last time I had met her (4 years ago), she was leaving the company to join a filmmaking course. She completed the course and joined Singapore’s Mediacorp. Did some amazing documentaries and acted in few of them.

She loves to wear saris and takes pride in doing that. How many of us wear Saris in Singapore? I don’t even have one in my cupboard. She likes to eat food but hates cooking. In her spare time, to de-stress, she writes. She has been contributing articles to “India Se” magazine. And in a short span of time, she has managed to get huge contacts in publication industry in Singapore.

I was totally stunned and amazed by her achievements and I had to share her story with everyone so that other women get inspired like I have been. I wish her all the success in future as I know she has some bold and fantastic plans her future. To us, learning is, Channelize your energy to attain greater heights and Where there is will, there is the way.

If you have a similar story of yourself/your friend, that can inspire us, please drop me a note.


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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