Delhi 6 Restaurant-Review

Delhi 6

I heard a lot about Delhi 6 restaurant from friends but very recently I had the opportunity to go to the place in Katong V mall.

First of all, it took us almost 10mins. to figure out where is the place in Katong mall itself. As soon as one enters in the mall, there is Fairprice finest and then the way is blocked for rest of the shops and restaurants that is behind Fair price finest. So, though there is directory right in front which told us that the restaurant is at level 1 but one can’t see.

When we found the place, I wasn’t expecting the look and feel of it. It was under the mall but it was like that they placed chairs and tables outside with a little boundary. I noticed that there was another famous restaurant Azzura whose sitting arrangement was similar. So, I don’t know if that is requirement from the mall. I wasn’t impressed by the ambiance. So, I will give 6/10. I was really not expecting that.

We had actually bought their deal from Groupon which was about $50 for two people. We thought the deal was reasonable but it actually wasn’t and turned out to be expensive. Because even through there was free flow of Kebabs, Biryani and drinks. We are not a heavy eater and we went for dinner so we kept it light. Two people can easily eat with $30 or so.

Food was good. Kebabs were tasty and mouth watering and best part was, it was melting in the mouth and that’s how it should be. The Kebab platter was a mix of smoked kebab, malai kebab and kebab roll. Kebabs with green and red chutney was just so awesome. Also because I was very hungry by the time we reached. Kebab was suppose to be starter followed by biryani. Biryani was not that great. I have had better biryanis that this one and it was spicy even from Indian standard of spiciness. Also just to let you know that we don’t eat that spicy. So you can understand the spiciness level we are talking about. And yes Mango Lassi was good too. So for food 8/10.

Service and staff were very good. They were courteous, served the food on time, We didn’t have to wait long. Also the package deal that we bought, had beers in them and both me and my husband don’t drink beer but they happily replaced it with other drinks which was a kind gesture.

So, yeah overall was good experience. But will I go there again? Naah will try another restuarant to review it for you all.



Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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