Fail Young!

What can an old man/woman do with all the wisdom?!

Fail Young! – This is the best advice I would like to pass on to the future generation. I am not the first one to say this. Many more successful people have already said this. But this registered to me lately.

There is no/negligible cost of failing young. And by cost, I mean opportunity, time, energy and monetary cost. When someone starts young, he/she is filled with self-doubt and lack of clarity of the path. No one is ready to trust their judgment. But things like energy and zeal can lead them to success. She can afford to take risks and fail. There is less societal pressure. Especially in Indian society, we don’t prepare our child to fail. Even though we know that “Failure” is the best teacher in life. It is the best way towards learning. Constant learning leads to success. But when it comes to implementation to our own kids, all Gyan (knowledge) fails.

Though it is never too late to chase dreams. But with age, people start carrying more responsibility than it actually is. Moreover, with age, we get more comfortable with the routine, monotonous life. People like stability, system, and mundane things. Because one has to use fewer brain energy . We get lazier. And people those who do want to explore new ideas, the thoughts from all corners suppress that newbie (idea). The awareness of the risks is high. We try to take calculated risks. And therefore, the development is staggered. Because I am sure everyone knows “No risk No gain”.

When we are young, we read for several tests (industry related) and pass them to raise the profile, anticipating better job and salary. As we spend few years working, how many of us actually make an attempt to learn about a new technology or subject and pass a test on that? Why do we stop enhancing our knowledge/learning for that matter? Why are we happy doing the same job every day and expecting that the salary increase every year? How can a company see a value? Therefore, it is important for youngsters who are joining fresh in the corporate world, they should invest a lot of time, learning different aspects related to the job. Because youngsters can learn faster and retain. And even if they fail, no one point fingers at them.

Just to give you an example – These days I am trying to learn a new skill. (Don’t want to disclose now unless I succeed). Now if 20”something of me would have tried to learn this, probably she would have learned in half the time, I am taking now. Plus if she would have failed 10 times, no one would have complained or looked at her with judging eyes. She herself wouldn’t have cared. But now, every time, I fail a test, it irks. It raises self-doubt. I question my learning ability etc. But things can’t be that simple. There are days when I excel too. What I am telling is that don’t limit yourself at a young age. Because whether you have resources or not, you have important things like – Time and Energy. And in combination with willpower, success will happen for you.

For Girls/Women, this is even more important. Because as people say ”Girls bloom faster than boys” -Unknown. If that’s the case then girls should be prepared to take on challenges early in life. The earlier they try, the faster they will fail and quicker they learn. The road to success will be set for them early in life. Though I don’t want to sound sexist here but I firmly believe that girls should plan  their life more carefully because they are the homemakers. Though girls are breaking the glass ceiling and taking bolder steps of delaying marriage because of their career and life. But I feel that this is causing more instability in the society. We have older unmarried girls who are looking to settle down but not finding a suitable partner. And even if they find a partner, it is hard for them to start a family. And of course same goes for men. They are just not able to find a right partner because most of the girls are after career and money.

It is only in developing countries where parents pay for children’s higher education. I was talking to one of the distant relatives. Their financial condition has not been sound. And they have three elders who are studying. The daughter is good in computer language. She has few job offers from Coaching centers to teach computer. She can easily fund her studies. Also, she will gain work experience which can be useful. But her mother just wants her to focus on studies and prepare for Masters. I was totally amazed by that decision. And I have a feeling that if at all she does Masters, soon after that, she will end up getting married. (In smaller cities, they still follow the marriageable age). And after marriage, she will be at her in-law’s mercy to decide whether she can work or not. She will never experience the joy of working, earning and being independent.

All I want to say is “Start Young, Fail Young”. You will have a better success.


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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