How to develop a ‘Power Profile’?

This Friday my company had organised an event called  “Fearless Friday” where the objective was to encourage youngsters to participate in new challenges and be fearless about it. Part of the event was prize distribution for LinkedIn competition that was ongoing for six weeks. For me, it was even more exciting because I got prize of 200 dollar voucher from LinkedIn for having highest SSI (Social Selling Index). It was truly amazing to get rewarded for all the LinkedIn posts contribution and engagement on the platform. LinkedIn’s competition “IN IT TO WIN IT” was a long process and had about three categories. They had invited the participants to their office, did a training on how to build a power profile and how to use LinkedIn as a platform for Brand building. Given that LinkedIn is moving towards content generator and distributor, this competition was also to get people into the habit of writing and sharing content on LinkedIn platform.

 Some of the key points from their training was :

  1.  One must have a LinkedIn Profile picture. That helps in various searches and it gives a face value to the recruiter
  2.  The heading, just below the name should be more a concise work history. In case you have an opportunity to tell your entire work history in few words then how would you do it. It should show your work experience and also your interest in a particular industry.
  3. Your education and other details should be complete. Not only complete but one must highlight their achievements and wins. That gives credibility to the profile.
  4. Good recommendations from clients and colleagues always help in building your profile. So, ask for recommendations and post on your profile.
  5. Add examples of projects done by you in the past. That really helps in understanding your level of expertise.It also shows confidence of showcasing your work upfront.
  6. Last but not the least, continue to build connections. Right connections will definitely boost your future prospects.

 I have been active on LinkedIn from last 6-7 years. Have used platform not only to engage in constructive and informative conversations but also used the platform for career growth.  Connections doesn’t help to get through the interview process but it may help you in initiating the conversation. I am a big fan of the platform for the number of reasons and everyone could/should use professional networks.


Many women don’t realise the importance of personal brand building. They may create a profile, build connections and may share few updates. But that’s not about it. It is also important to engage with the content that is being shared. Comment on them to let people know your point of view. Not everyone is a writer, but sharing your knowledge or thought process in few lines will only help people understand your professional knowledge little better.

 After spending ten years in the industry, I realised, recruiting people is the most difficult function in any organisation. Sorting right skills from tonnes of CV is a big task. Even after all that finding the right candidate continues to be challenging. People look for recommendations from past employers, or would want to see some of the work done in the past and how active are you socially. LinkedIn is the only professional network that help you get your industry updates, engage with people in your industry and follow companies from the industry. Men have been active and using the platform to the core. It is high time that women realise the importance of Personal Branding.

 And lastly, everyone loves the recognition. So, it was not the value of the prize but the fact that it was given in front of the entire company made me feel awesome. Self Promotion is important in this cluttered world.

In case you are wondering how my LinkedIn profile looks like, here you – Rashmi anand


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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