Is there any ‘best’ Parenting Technique?

Here’s our first guest post by a dear friend who is a first time mother and just joined back post maternity leave. She has shared her thoughts about Parenting Technique that most new mothers are worried about. Read and enjoy. Don’t forget to share or comment if you like the post.

Parenting technique, really!! Is there one…??

Frankly, before being a first-time parent, I searched for keywords “parenting”, “best parenting technique” etc. quite often and with lots of curiosity, wide and with hopeful eyes. Any guidance meant world to me!

Now, after 6 months of having the baby, parenting an infant to a toddler, I realized, ‘Parenting’ is all about you. What you feel is the best for your baby! The way you deal your life, the way you always thought a child should be brought up. It’s your best personality that you show to your dearest one! Being informed is one thing but following a ‘technique’ is quite impossible. Maybe because having a complete trust and conviction is something that we should have while bringing up a ‘life’ into a ‘person’. The maximum trust is hence only on what you practice, and, which turns up good for your child. Following a ‘path’ can’t make your child an Einstein, a Jackson or a Mother Teressa…certainly, not an Ambani!!!  Because your practice will have a reaction, that precious reaction of your child – acceptance or rejection and that is because every child is different!

Bringing up a child is a gradual process and knowingly/unknowingly we infuse most part of ‘us’ in our child. The part which is not genetically transferred but behavioral transfer.  

Our parents brought us up with the best behavior that they could. However, even if they didn’t want, we end up getting their weakness, screaming, yelling, lies, careless, impatience etc. because that’s easy to be picked up, not always, though! 

The best philosophy and most practical one I have been through is “Practice what you want your child to be, not preach. A child learns more from the action than speech!”

If you want your child to study, study with them, tell them what fun it is to learn new things.  If you consistently see their lack of interest, gauge their interest and follow it. 

So, give wings to your child. Let them be themselves. My mantra is – I want to enjoy her childhood as much as she does. Life doesn’t give you same phase of life twice.  Live it and LIVE it to the fullest! I don’t remember my childhood, so maybe I can recreate my memories of growing up with her.

You are often been asked- ‘What would you change/do if you go back to your past?’ I feel, with my girl, I am just re-living my childhood. Got a second chance to be or do what I couldn’t or maybe did! To create memories….memories for life!

About blogger  – Neeti Verma

I work as an Environment Auditor for since past 6 years. My experience involves conducting audits against various international environment -based standards for forestry, conflict free wood, gems and metals,  indoor air quality etc. I am a new mother who wish to share and learn experiences of all of the lively Moms out there.


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I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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