My horrible experience with “True Fitness” GYM

So, like any other GYM enthusiasts, I also like gyming and keeping myself in shape or for that matter healthy. Being a mum and a working one, it’s hard to hit the GYM that often but it becomes easy when GYM facilities are just downstairs.

I have been in Singapore for last 8 years and for some reason “True Fitness” has always been around my office place.

Few years ago,I was the member in Harborfront branch and but got it cancelled because my office was moving. And trust me, they DID cancel my membership before it matures.

My earlier experience with True Fitness was not bad because they had basic GYM facilities and a steam room. And those were two things, I usually avail in time that I had. People used to complain about poor trainer’s attitude, hygiene issues and bad customer experience etc. but I was never bothered because my life was good and it never hindered.

So, few years down the line, I signed up with “True Fitness” again in China square central branch, again because it was easily accessible.  But this time, I got pregnant after 5 months of GYM usage. I had signed up for a year membership. So, I spoke to the GYM and initially they were very reluctant to cancel. After several rounds to their GYM downstairs and meeting few people, they agreed that with medical report, they can try to convince management to cancel. Then I had to pay additional to the hospital to get the medical report. And on basis of that, they cancelled my membership. So,  I happily left the GYM and was fine that even after several rounds they cancelled and understood my problems. In my thoughts, “True Fitness” was still ranking high because of the humane gesture they showed by cancelling it.

After almost six months, while I was reviewing my Credit Card Bill, I noticed that “True Fitness” charged membership fee my card. I was in total shock because I was not in touch with GYM for almost 8-9 months. And I had already ended my membership with them.

I called up the GYM to enquired. And further to that shock they told me that my membership was stalled and not cancelled. And I have to continue irrespective of what. Or just continue to pay whether I use the service or not. Moreover, China square central branch is closed. The nearest is not close to my office or house. So, I cannot invest 3 hours for gym in a week just because I have signed up for it.

So, this is the email that I sent to them explaining my situation. And I heard that customer service is usually not good here but reply was surprising. It’s like if I have signed up for a service  and signed on “Terms and Conditions”, then I have to adhere to it even if I die.

On top of that, customer service guy spoke to me so rudely  as if I have borrowed money from him and not paying on time.

So, following concerns and questions I have, if “True Fitness” can answer :

1)   Why do I still have to pay you when I no longer wants to use your service?

2)   Why did you charge my card without notifying me that I will be charged from this month onwards? If I had not checked then I would have been paying this amount without knowing. [This is duping!!]

3)   If I had a genuine case for cancellation, why won’t you cancel? There should be cancellation policy right? If I am signing on “Terms and Conditions”, it doesn’t mean you the right to screw me.

4)   Why your customer service professionals don’t have the courtesy to talk to existing members? They are sugar coated only when they have to sell membership?

5)   Why can’t you get your trainers to behave even if members are not signing up for “personal trainers”? It is ok to guide people those who have signed up to use your machines.

Now I go back to see all the reviews and I do agree that these kind of gyms earn money by duping people. I don’t know if any other GYM has such terms and conditions or if anyone has faced any such situation.

I had faced a similar situation with “Street deal” when I was making a purchase of $18 and my card was charged “$84”. On checking, I found out that, I had agreed to their membership and terms and conditions by clicking. I was enraged what kind of service is that. And why such people are allowed to do business here?! Later, I saw a huge article that more people were duped by Street deal and govt has warned them to put their acts together.

The only reason why I wanted to share my experience is that people are aware that such things can happen when they are signing up with “True Fitness” or any other GYM.

Would be great if we share more so that people are aware when they are signing on terms and conditions like that.

Thank you for reading this! If you have any advice for me then feel free to send me a note as I am still paying “True Fitness” and I don’t have time to avail their services.


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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