Places to visit with Toddlers for FREE!

This was a fantastic weekend! We explored new places and eat same thing at new place.  After my 3 year old has grown up, as a working mother, it is important that we spend more time over the weekend. These two days, she sees parents at home and that’s when she is more playful and ask for our attention. We also cherish the moments and use the time to teach her the right things etc. For the past few weekends we have been going out and we realised that it is quite expensive to go out with kids. Because you either end up eating in a restaurant or go to indoor play-gound or shopping etc. It seems that everything one does in Singapore, costs a bomb. No?! Not really, there are fun places one can explore without spending too much money.

Here are some of my fav places that I really like to go over the weekends and it is free :-

1) Beach : This is the best place to hang out when you are running out of ideas and it never fails. The only thing to note is that the weather should be nice. One can do cycling, running,  family cycling, skating, BBQ, or just picnic. Kids love to make sand castles and play with water. One can either go alone or with another family. Fresbee is our favourite game and also beach ball. But seriously any game, any food, can just do anything at all.

ECP Beach
Cycle Track near ECP Beach


2) Ikea Children section : Ikea is also one of our favourite spots. Kids play in the indoor playground while we quickly go and pick up the things at Ikea shop. The indoor playground has ball pools, swings and may other things. Kids are sit and do colouring also. They feel free because parents are not around to supervise them. When they are tired, you can always bring them to the food court. The food court has lovely choices and there is a small kids section where they can play while eating. Moreover, children section of ikea is also very nice. Lots of interesting places. The only caveat is that you may end of buying things that you didn’t plan for. We always do that. So, you have to be very careful.

Ikea Children section

3) Children’s park in-front of City Square Mall : That’s another place we discovered this weekend. It’s fantastic place because there are so many kids playing and they help each other play. All the kids enjoy a lot. And on top of that, there is toy train that costs $6 for a ride. The ride is for fun and just perfect for 3 year olds.

Children’s rides infront of City Square
Choo Choo Train infront of City Square

4) Gardens By the bay : This is again a very nice water plays. There are lots of water plays in malls but this one is especially good. The reason is because kids can bring their scooters/skates or cycle. If they are bored with that then they can go and play in children’s park. And if they are bored of all this, then can go to water play. There is a very nice premium foodcourt where one can have dinner and come back home. We thoroughly enjoy our trips to Garden’s by the Bay

5) Library : This is one of my favourite place which I like to go with my daughters quite often. There are two libraries that I go and both of them have kids section – Geylang Public library and Serangoon Public library. I heard that Marine Parade Public library also got a very nice children’s section. Kids should be introduced to learning at an early age. That will help them to get into the habit of reading.

If you guys know any other place that is fun and free and is your favourite hang out place, please let us know.


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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