Sandeep Maheswari’s Inspirational Videos

All of us use some sort of mechanism to boost self-motivation at some point in life. No matter how positive attitude you have towards life, the day to day struggles make you tired at times. Especially young people when they are transitioning from school and college life, it hits even harder. They are being exposed to harsh realities which they have been preparing in schools and colleges but under guidance and a safe environment.

I was introduced to Sandeep Maheswari videos by my brother. He ardently follows that man and listens to all his videos. It was initially hard for me to understand why that man is so popular. Because initially I didn’t find anything extra-ordinary in what he said in his videos. But as it is said you believe in what you understand. And if you have a strong believe in something, it becomes your faith. He has been organising Life Changing semiars for Free in various parts of the country. His fans describe him like –

I have been listening to Sandeep Maheswari Videos for last few days. No, not because I am looking for some motivational pep talk but because I wanted to understand what is it that attracts so many people. That was part of the exercise while prepping for public speaking. There are videos where people have tears in their eyes and they are over-enjoyed as if he is a messiah to their problems. I listened to one and then to another. That way, I listened to most of his videos. Only after listening for so many days, I realised that there are some great qualities in him that has magical effect on listeners and these are some of the key qualities that I felt he has in abundance: 

1)      Hindi – All his speeches are in hindi. And not only shudh hindi but Hindi that we speak in our day to day life. It feels that you are not listening to some great motivational speaker but to your friend. Language is a big connect to masses as everyone understands every single world he speaks. There is warmth and connect with the audience. SeminarVideos

2)      Examples/Stories – The stories that he talks about is very relatable to real life problems. And that is another big connect. People try to understand Gurus and Swamis so that they are enlightened and understand their life’s problems in better way. But he offered a solution where people don’t have to spend long hours to hear nice things and get stressed even more. He offers insights on what exactly is happening in life. Those insights are so simple and relatable and people believe on them immediately. These are some of his famous videos:

              a) Game of Life

              b) I am the greatest.

              c) Stop Killing time

              d) How to get ridof Negative thoughts?              

3)      Orator – It is not just language; I was amazed to see how he communicates his ideas so effectively. His style is captivating. It feels like he is speaking with full energy and power. In between, he will joke or make people laugh which keeps the environment light and happy. You don’t feel that you have been hearing him for an hour. That is what appeals to youth. For them (youth), someone is talking in their language and providing solution to their problems.

4)     Approachable – He keep himself quite approachable. Anyone can shout, talk or do something funny during the event, he reacts to them wisely. His wit and common sense has earned respect among the youth and his followers.

5)      Honest – He sounds very genuine as he quotes examples from his life. We don’t have a way to validate whether they are true or not but definitely something that happens in every middle class home. Something that middle class kids grow up listening and when they hear from Sandeep, they relate to him. They think, he has a similar childhood and if he can be successful then they have chances to make it big too.

Ofcourse these life changing talks don’t last that long unless your own eyes are opened and you realise what you want to do. Once you have decided, this is what I want to do in life, then he start finding ways and means to do it. He looks for inspiration and people who have been successful in their path. So, only two kinds of people attends these kind of seminars -one who have figured themselves out and just looking for some motivational talk and others who have joined because they got a free ticket.

These talks will have an impact on you only when you have figured your life. It won’t help listening to his talks for hours and doing nothing about your goal or taking that one step towards success.

In case you didn’t know about Sandeep and got to know through my blog, please drop a comment/note below.


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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