Tips to save time for working Mothers!

I  love Fridays because this is the day when I get to do something I love to do (and that is writing!). Writing to me is directly talking to an audience. I know that few of you are definitely reading this. People say that you should do something that you are passionate about then you won’t feel like you are working. In reality, how is that possible because it is not necessary that your passion would bring enough means to survive.

Anyways, the topic that I wanted to discuss today was on how to save time during morning hours. Working moms can understand the importance of a secs/mins. during weekdays and early morning. I have a toddler that goes to school and a nine month old baby. Since I am not at home most of the time, it becomes even more important that I maximise my morning and evening hours with them.

Here are quick tips that helped me organise my life :

1) Keep your clothes cupboard clean and tidy : This is the very important because the ease of finding clothes/accessories/strolls makes life so much simpler. Infant if ones goes a step further and decide on Sunday what he/she wants to wear for five days, then that would definitely save 10mins of your time. Guaranteed!

2) Breakfast menu : In most of the houses this is already decided and mostly they follow routine. There is nothing new but interesting would be to include items that are quick and easy to prepare. That will free up your maid’s time who can contribute in other things. For example – earlier we used to eat parathas, poha or bread and something etc. But gradually we moved to green dal sprouts salad, vegetable salad or fruit salad or yogurt or something that is easy to eat too. And Don’t forget to take your breakfast before your leave.

3) Keep your Ear rings and make-up kit clean and organised : This is something very simple but it helps a lot. In the morning, while I am rushing and after dressing up, look for a matching ear ring then it becomes a task (time consuming). If your jewellery box is organised then it takes few seconds to get ready

4) Train your elder child to do their own work : Once the child turns three. He/she should be able to understand instructions clearly. Remind them that they have responsibility to take care of their own things. So she can manage brushing teeth, wearing shirts, packing bags etc. This way, they will grow up as responsible children.

5) Last but not the least, pack your bags at night : This is important because many a times I see myself looking for things that may be lying around. So, keys, purse, essentials, papers, laptops etc should be in right place so that in the morning, you just pick up your bag and leave and don’t worry about leaving behind things. I used to pack in the morning and just because i was packing in haste, I was not sure if all things are in so I used to check few times to ensure that everything is in.

These are my personal tips that you may not find this in any book. These are tried and tested and it works!


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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