“Turning 30”

Just when you think you are on top of your game, life throws you back hitting hard to remind you that don’t think too high of yourself. At 30, life is pretty much stable and you would like that too because one has already seen the ups and downs from school days to married life with kids. (I am assuming that most of them are married but if not don’t worry because marriageable age has changed for working women. So, just chill).  You have done pretty much all. And now is the time to have a stable job and take out time to see kids grow and you get old with your life partner. Life is picture perfect at 30.

I (like most other women) like life at 30 much more than 20’s because now I am more or less clear on who am I, what do I like, what kind of people I like etc. And I no longer care who is talking about me behind my back, or gossiping about my dressing sense or looks or for that matter my conduct in a particular situation. I know what I am doing. And I feel empowered to be assertive in some instances. I don’t have to say “Yes” to everything just to be in good books of some people or belong to a group. I no longer feel the pressure of impressing a guy, looking good(to be precise looking hot). I don’t need to hang out with my office colleagues after office hours and talk about which restaurant food tastes what or which is the new pub in town or which new clothing line retail store is opening and when. I also don’t feel ashamed to go back to my office every Monday morning without having much done over the weekend and talk to my colleagues confidently that I just sat and relaxed by the pool. I just feel so CONFIDENT about myself and who I am.

I feel that I am no longer trying to impress those “wannabes”, just to be part of a certain group. Now I purposely try to stay away from these people who are constantly trying to be someone else than who they are. Now I have the power to see beyond. As if the third eye like Shiva’s has opened up. I can make out the difference between ‘real’ and ‘fake’ people and want to be with someone who really values my friendship or presence.

The best part of “Turning 30” is that men stop hitting on you unnecessary. No, they don’t stop it because you are getting old. They stop hitting because you are no longer a prospect, you may still be hot but you are unachievable which makes you even more desirable. And you can be friends with any men and continue with healthy flirting. So, technically you can have any man.*wink wink* Men who are engaged will do healthy flirting (if not much) whereas those who ain’t involved would be seeking advice on how to get a ‘hot’ woman like you. So, it’s kind of win-win situation for all women “Turning 30”

Turning 30” would also mean that you have spent almost half of your life. And though the first phase of life went into becoming “something” and getting a financial stability. But in the second phase, there is a chance to delve into hobbies. To do something that you have been craving to do all your lives, but you couldn’t do because sometimes your parents asked you to focus on studies, sometimes you were studying hard for college exams to get better grades, sometimes you were looking for a better-paid job or a dream job, or sometimes you were busy getting married and having kids. But now all that is done. And if you don’t pursue your hobby now then it’s never going to happen. And most importantly, hobbies are the ones that help you to look forward to in your life. Hobby is something you do for yourself. Rest of your time and money is spent on kids and husband. But just living with them is enough? I don’t think so.

So, I ask every woman who is “Turning 30” to celebrate, to enjoy, to acknowledge, to inspire, to love and to live every moment of your life. And groom yourself to be desirable and lovable throughout your life.

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Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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