Visit to S.E.A Aquarium on Sunday

I had a fantastic day yesterday. We were longing to visit SEA Aquarium for a while and Sunday (29 may) was the day. Ticket charges for residents are lower than foreigners and kids until 4 years don’t have to pay. Though it is recommended to check the ticket prices online because later I checked and Qoo10 was selling the same ticket for $11 for which I had paid $28. Also, it was very crowded because of ‘School holiday’ season.

It was a wonderful experience. There was a huge variety of fishes. Looking at the colorful fishes, I was reminded of children’s movies like Finding Nemo, Finding Dori etc. Remember?! They show colorful fishes of different shapes and sizes. I used to think, it was all imaginative and never ever thought that these fishes could be real. Some of the fishes left me wondering like “Schooling Fishes”, Yellow ones (don’t remember the names), small orange fishes and fishes with black and white straps. Like below :

Sorry, I was with a 3-year-old and got no time to check on the names of the fishes and read more info about it. I was busy locating her whereabouts in the dark passage throughout the whole thing. It was so dark that I couldn’t take the pictures also. But I shouldn’t complain because the sight of the illuminated fish tanks was mesmerizing. People were huddled at each of them for hours as if they are either talking to them or reading their movements.  As we entered there was a giant tank for Sharks. Sharks of all shapes and sizes. We had never seen so many sharks at one place or for that matter we had never seen sharks so close. While watching them through the glass walls, I noticed one of the sharks were coming straight to us. His movement and eyes were so focused on us that it felt it will come and grab us. It came very close and then turned. I am not even sure they can see people from thick glass walls. But for that moment, I could get a sense oft how a real shark would advance at its prey and then engulfs it.

Little further down after we crossed many small tanks, we saw a large aquarium filled with colorful fishes. The colors of fishes were so beautiful that it felt as if an artist has looked into the color combination before putting the fishes together in the tank. As I have been highlighting the colors and shapes of fishes several times on the blog, you would have guessed how astonished and charmed I was.  We reached half way of the aquarium, and we saw that there was even bigger, a giant Fish tank and there were several big fishes in there, rarest of the rare species. The sitting and standing arrangement were same as theater. Many people were sitting and relaxing in the cold where others focused on watching the fishes ‘movements. It is a very good eye exercise by the way.

While watching the fishing, I was in my own thoughts comparing the fish world with ours. Most of us follow the herd and a pattern, isn’t it? Similarly, there were few fishes who were huddled together and was going in the same direction like a pattern. Even if they were disturbed by a giant leopard fish, they would come back to their old position to form the same pattern. Then there was another set of fishes who didn’t form any pattern but they were just huddled together as if they were listening to their leaders or attending a conference.  And then there were the big independent fishes who were going around confidently and of n on, always disturb the smaller fishes. Also, when big ones are closer to smaller, they (smaller fishes) change their position and go back to align with rest of the mates. It was truly awesome to observe all this and realize that aquatic world may not be entirely different from the animal world. Powerful always try to dominate and win over weaker section.

By now, we were tired and felt that the giant tank is the end but to our surprise, there was more. Parents with strollers have nothing to worry because there were lifts at all levels. I was with a stroller and it never bothered me.

There was already an overdose of beauty and colors but while returning, we saw some more. By now, my daughter already started naming the fishes. We missed out on dolphins because it was their feeding time or something. We had already spent 1.5 hours walking so really had no energy to stand and wait for Dolphins though we wanted to. Since it was just me and my daughter, I took most of the pictures. And there were only a few instances where we asked other people to take our picture. But yeah people figured that mother and daughter was alone, having some fun. And though I avoided requesting other people to take pictures, since my daughter insisted, we had to ask few times. It was unbelievable when people notices you without a man. It invokes so many questions in their minds which sometimes they can’t hide their ‘interesting’ expressions. I did experience few glares when we were enjoying the fishes but even for a fraction of second, it didn’t strike me that they were wondering why we were alone (without a man or a father)?. At last, there was an old Indian man who couldn’t contain his feelings, end up asking me – Where am I from and what do I do? I could felt that his only purpose of striking the conversation was to check whether I am alone or with someone. There were few ladies standing with him were looking at me with those preying eyes. (For the records, Hunny (my husband) didn’t want to come because he wanted to catch up on his sleep on Sunday before a grueling upcoming week and we gave him that liberty).

But this incident left me thinking – why single mothers are still a taboo? Or a topic of discussion? With the rising divorce rates, this should be a norm, isn’t it? People shouldn’t care. Even if a single mother would want to live life on her own terms, society shouldn’t judge them. Instead of supporting, why are they being judgmental and discuss? To me, this is sad because this makes me feel that society still thinks and feels that the entire responsibility of carrying a good relationship lies with the women. And that’s not true. I don’t know how many of you experienced something similar because this topic is generally not discussed openly.

We came out of aquarium happy, thoughtful and tired, we waited for at least an hour at the taxi stand.

Finally, we got a taxi and reached home totally passed out!!

Here are some pics from the trip. Hope you enjoy. Do LIKE, SHARE or COMMENT.


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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