Volunteer at Willing Hearts

Recently I had the opportunity to serve at Willing Hearts. Willing Hearts is an organisation that provides food to elderly, single mothers, people who can’t afford food. This was an amazing experience because of number of reasons. In my everyday life, I don’t cook as I have two live in help that helps me with cooking, cleaning and childcare. Therefore I have ample time to update this blog. This was my first opportunity to see a real kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, there is only one master and that is chef. He was the one guiding everyone. Most of the contributors were women. Women who are either housewives or self employed etc. There were clear specific jobs. On one side, there was chopping station where I was employed. Then, there was cleaning station where all big vessels were cleaned, then on one side food was being cooked in big vessels. And that was the hottest place on earth. And one really needs strength to stir the food that was cooked. So, mostly men were involved in that job.

One of the hardest part was separating the frozen chicken. And then there were other jobs like wiping the floor, cleaning up the rice, noodles, clearing dustbins etc. But everyone was doing it with utmost willingness and one can see that on their face.

This is a great place to bring teenagers to serve too because they will have an opportunity to learn a lot about life, cooking, serving others and how actual things are being done in real life. Teens usually have no idea about real life because they are yet to be exposed to corporate or outside world. Their world is restricted to college, friends, parties and outings. I think this will be a wonderful experience for them if they get to serve for one day where they realise how work is done in large organisations. There is huge learning opportunities like assembly line (how all jobs are co-related and connected with one another), no job is small or big, dirty or clean, all needs to be done, how to manage a huge crowd of people and allocate work to them, quality control and food management.

I am going to register myself as a volunteer again because after I came out of that place, I felt good. I felt a sense of satisfaction and as if I have done a real job. I was employed initially with cutting tomatoes and then later I was asked to help with food packaging. So, nearly four hours of standing and getting the job done. One can know more about the place by liking their Facebook page.

Women who are bored at home or would like to be involved in something more meaningful and along the way makes friends, this is a great opportunity. Infact, if you are living in a foreign country and wants to understand people there and learn more about them, I think starting to serve them, will bring you back more. So, volunteer!

Some of the clicks from my recent visit :


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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