Who would take on the Dirty Part!

First of all, I should apologize for staying away for so long. I have been very busy last few days. There have been life changing events which kind of broaden/changed view about the world. I am sure you will enjoy my interesting encounter with LIFE. I will share more in later posts.

Today’s post is about BABIES. I and my husband are in the early 30s. At this age, I see that many of my friends are still enjoying either singlehood or their married life with no kids. In such situation having two kids – one toddler and another baby amuses a lot of people. Few of them are still in disbelief and fail to understand what was the hurry! Well, it was important because we wanted to go the old school way and also what medical science permits. Having the first baby before the age of 30 (for women) is what is recommended by a doctor and there is absolutely nothing more important than hitting this deadline. There will always be feeling that we should have more money before the baby is born so that we can give a better life. There will always be career, travel plans, fearing of losing a single selfish life. But the fact is that babies are least bothered about how much money you have, what kind of clothes you will buy or how expensive is the bed etc. They are there just to fill up your life with happiness and contentment. And it’s all about growing up together rather than raising a six-month-old when you turn 40.

We went to a mall yesterday. There was this dancing class going on which is organised to engage old men and women. Both the daughters started tapping their feet and that led to full-fledged dancing. Of course, they had their own moves and were not following the aunties. The crowd that gathered around were totally enchanted by the girls and their act. Many young couples are looking at them with aspiring parents eyes and passersby including would-be mums were stopping to take a look. It was indeed very flattering. Because after noticing them, people were looking for parents who were standing right there, proud and tall.

I was tired of standing because it was hard to match their energy. So, I went to a bench little away from this whole dancing thing. Since it was an open area, I could see them clearly and talk to them too. There was a young couple sitting beside me. Looking at the couple, I figured, they were still dating. The girl was sitting there all shy and looking around unsure and little lost. Where the guy was staring at her wandering eyes, absolutely sure that this was the girl. At times, he was extending his hand to hold hers but hesitant. Between I noticed all this, at a glance. And all the more reason for noticing them was that they were flattery about my kids. Especially the younger one really caught their attention. And the girl’s eyes were following the younger one. They were talking in a different language but from gestures, I figured that they were talking about Shreya and was totally floored by her looks and a high degree of cuteness.

After few minutes, both the girls were tired and started snacking on Milo nuggets. I don’t know how healthy these snacks are but once in a while, I allow them to munch on. Alas! This didn’t go down well with the younger one. After eating few, it was stuck in her throat and she started coughing. By the time, I could pull out the water bottle, she threw up all on her beautiful pink dress and some on the floor. You guys should know that babies’ puke doesn’t really smell and I know this because I had two. So, the couple who was just cuddly and all loving to my younger one hesitantly left. And few other people who were also sitting there, enjoying the dance and cuteness of my daughters started looking at us horrified. Yes, that’s the imperfect part of having a child. It’s not lovey-dovey and rosy all the time, babies puke, they shit and roll over on the floor. And it’s up to you on how you take it. It was a little embarrassing in the beginning but I am used to it. It doesn’t bother me anymore.

If you want to enjoy the fun and nice part of having a child then be prepared to take the shit too. It’s a child. And every future parent must understand that when people say they totally love and adore their kids, That’s because its 90%hard work is to put up with them but the 10% smile and joy one gets, you will not want to trade anything in this world for that.

Life is like that. In case you haven’t figured yet. It’s 90% unhappiness  and unwanted things and that 10% of happiness keeps you longing for more. One of the reasons why we are chasing “something”all the time! It’s also about everything that two sides of things – Happiness and unwanted things. Babies are like that too.

You would hate when babies poo in their diapers, when they puke in public places or on your expensive carpet, running around in the house like crazy and aimlessly, doing all non-sense things. But how about when they hug you, kiss you and say “I love you Mummy”, “I need you”, “I want you to be around”. You feel so wanted and loved. And motivated to live more to see more of your child growing up years. Only parents can understand the joy of seeing their child grow up.

Imagine if kids don’t do all crazy stuff, will they still be called “kids”? Parents with kids would know how the house looks like when kids are not at home. It is absolutely sad and haunted!!


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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