Why are women not money manager?

This is the topic that I want you all to think on a serious note. This weekend I met with a friend who works as a counselor during her spare time. She is into IT and this is her way of giving back to society. She was giving me examples of women who are undergoing through depression, anxiety or some sort of mental/emotional imbalance. Her organization, counsel and help these women to come out of the extreme situation. There was one common problem in all the examples and it was money management.

Some of the women are working mothers and some still don’t have a child yet. Though they are working and ambitious in their careers like men, they have the least control over the money they are earning. The money that they earn is being managed by their husbands, brother, or father. They are dependent on them for smart investment decisions. And that got me thinking.

I may not be one of those women but even I depend on my husband a lot when it comes to money management.  I consider his opinion more valuable than mine. And I don’t understand why? And I can assure you that I am not alone who have a similar personal finance arrangement. There are many working women out there who may be contributing to their household income but they have no idea on how can they save and invest smartly. In fact, women don’t even think of making more money from existing wealth or for that matter making more money. Probably that is the reason we are happy with whatever salary that is being offered and doesn’t demand more. Also, the reason why there is a huge disparity in men and women’s salary across the industry.

I always wanted to buy my own property. Buying my own property means I research myself, understand the whole procedure of buying the property, locate the property and decide to buy at the right price. This is a big decision and it is good to consult with other family members. But from end to end, I would like to lead the entire conversation.

From the very start, when it comes to investment, the only option that women could think of is buying gold. But that is not a bad option. But these days, there are different smarter ways of buying gold. Do they know or have they explored? And why can’t we start exploring other investment options? No matter how time crunch you are, if you want to learn, you will.

 My excuse has been that my work life and family life keeps me so busy that I don’t want to think about financial management. But it’s the same for my husband too. Unfortunately, this thinking is badly engraved in our society that women can’t invest for profitability. It is a lot easier for my husband to keep a track of the investment trends through discussions with colleagues and friends but I don’t have any women friends who are keen on talking about financial management. Or for that matter male colleagues who are keen to discuss personal finance with a woman. Even the brightest and smartest would like to stay away from such conversations. And that is the main problem.

If women don’t start thinking of taking back the charge of their own money. The world will continue to perceive that women are not interested in financial planning. And if we don’t start asking the right questions now, we will never be truly financial independent. Financial independent doesn’t come from just working to earn money, it also comes from taking charge of your own money.


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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