Why Decluttering is important to lead a successful life?


Let’s understand why it is important to declutter before we get into How? Decluttering means getting rid of items that you have not been using or chances  are that you will never use.

Many of us have the habit of hoarding things. This could be due to a difficult childhood or you have grown seeing people(grandparents, neighbours)  around you doing the same. There is a tendency to store. They are also heavily inclined towards collecting freebies or giveaways. And always on the look out for sale items. Just to save few dollars, they would usually end up buying things they never intend to use. And this leads to a collection of unwanted things.

Here are few reasons why decluttering is important to lead happy, healthy and successful life: –

1)    Better organized : It helps you to be more organized. You know what clothes you have in your closet and they are neatly sorted, you know where are those important files/paper in your office, you know which meetings to prioritize and you also have clarity on your digital life. It just makes life easy and simple. Your priorities are clear and you can focus more. The more focused you are, the better is the quality of your output.

2)    Saves time: It saves your time immensely. This is in continuation to the first point where you are more organized. Because you are organized, you will save on time, and that would lead to improvement in decision making. You have slightly more time on hand to maneuver on each task.  This can be key in being successful. Everyone has the same 24 hours. It all depends on how one uses it.Successful people like to wear same color clothes every day so that they save time and energy for bigger decisions.

3)    Increases Productivity:  If you have more time on hand means you can do more things. And that leads to higher productivity. Even if your productivity goes up by 10%, that will bring a huge impact on your work. And you can notice the change in  work and life. Productivity is also related to how efficient and organised you are. Decluttering puts you in right frame of mind that enhances your capabilities.

4)    Hand over the items to more needy: What is the point of holding on to things you will never use? If you haven’t used it for last six months, there are higher chances that you are not going to use it ever. Accept the fact and move on and take an action. Because of your action, it may reach to people who are needier. And this way we can be  more efficient with the available resources.

5)    Reflects your personality: Being organized and having a complete control over your life reflects on you. You are more confident and positive. Having less on mind means you can be more present. And being “present” is the most beautiful gift you can offer to anyone. And again having a pleasant personality will have a profound impact on your social and work life.



Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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