Why women today are socially anxious?

It’s amazing to see how this blog is getting traction among women. And that is the whole point, helping one another.

In this hyper-connected world, we are losing touch with our family, friends, near and dear ones. In big cities, where life has moved into tall buildings, the communication with a neighbour has come to stand still. Even if the lady is living in the same building, we end up texting her rather than dropping by to chit chat. I admire the fact that technology helped me connect with old friends from school and college who are living far off. Before Social Networking era, I had no idea of what’s going on in their life. In fact, Social networking may not be a true picture of what’s happening in someone’s life. It is only the best of oneself which is only half truth. So what about the other half. That is bit of a dark side. People are reluctant to talk about that. They are sugar coating and hiding it. Once you open up your pandora box that’s when they start talking and pour their heart out.  Trusting people around has become challenging. They are afraid of being laughed and ridiculed.

There is less mingling among girls/women where they can talk and discuss each other’s problems. Everyone is fighting their own battles. At times, it is so comforting to know that there are other women who are also fighting similar or bigger battles. It gives you strength to fight your problems. It also pushes you to do your best. Somewhere I read this quote, “If People are jealous of your life then you are leading a good life”.

 When women talk to each other, they get inspired. They can offload their own worries and feel fresh. Alternatively, you can choose to continue to live in isolation and people will never be bothered. Some women try to hide and go back to their own cocoon. They just don’t want to face the world or rather they don’t know how to face the world. There is a high possibility that they are suffering from low self-esteem or social anxiety. If you are not feeling good about yourself then there are higher chances, you will pose a tough exterior to evade any form of interaction.

I suggest, be open. Let people talk about your life, let them give you suggestions, let them show you the path. You don’t have to implement all of the garbage you listen, but it does help in opening your mind. I am sure, out of the rubbish ideas, you will get a good one.

So, in case you feel, you are stagnant in your life and feeling lost. Pick up a phone and call your friend and meet up for a coffee. Having a face to face conversation is much better than on phone. Technology always helps you to connect with your distant friends. But do reach out to people who are closer.

Don’t close yourself just because you have attained a certain age, just because you have a family with kids to take care of, just because you have decided to stay single while rest of your friends are married or just because you find yourself odd among a group of women achievers.

“Everyone is unique, different and possess a quality.”



Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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