You don’t love a child…the child loves you!

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Neeti Verma

I dedicate this article to my mum who once said this in one of our general conversations. I understood a fraction of it, I was not married then!

I understand now what she meant. She meant the abundant love a child has in her. Maybe thats the only longing feeling she has inside. She can be upset, sad, but only for a while. She doesn’t remember these feelings for long and instantly becomes loving and she loves people whom she starts identifying.

When a baby is born, the reasons why we adore her is because she is sweet and cute and the most important one, because she is ours. But we start loving them with all our soul with each passing day when they show us what it is like showering that unconditional love. I truly love my nephews and nieces, even though I was distant from them. It was their love for me which I gave them back.

Ever since my girl is born, I have seen her giving me that unconditional love…she didn’t ask me anything other than food. She was loving me with her radiant smile, she was loving me without expecting anything from me. She didn’t expect I would give her a good future, healthy food, fancy clothes, jewelry, or a great will!

I may not afford many things which I want to give her, and, the most wonderful part was, she loves without expecting the same abundant love from me! This sometimes shakes me, specially when I am down and don’t feel like smiling, she makes sure she smiles at me, she makes sure she loves me when am least lovable, ugly, impatient and angry. It feels a blessing, a boon, a treasure to experience it.

Why she is always happy with all of us, why she has no complaints from anyone?!
Am I so good that she has nothing to demand from me, am I so nice that she is never upset on me?

The introspection with her makes me feel COMPLETE….it gives me a reason to live and be joyful always! A reason to be around her so she can remain like this forever!

My mum was right we don’t love a child, it’s the child’s love which ensures we love them back.

A child gives their love and smile to everyone, and that make them loved…loved by ALL!


A very Happy Holi to all our readers!!!


Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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