8 Simple & Effective Ways to Reduce Stress

Let’s get real. Stress is a part of our daily lives. Whether you are working in an office, own a business or the daily household work. One tends to get stressed easily. Many have suggested ways like Yoga, mindfulness etc. to reduce stress. But many of us are looking for simple and effective ways. There are many health benefits of reducing stress. Reducing stress will help you lead a more positive life.

8 effective ways to reduce stress

Here are eight simple ways to reduce daily stress : –

1) Try sketching and coloring

This is one of my best stress relievers. Sometimes when I come back from work, there is a lot going on in mind, I pick up some colors and a color book and start filling colors in them. And it’s quite helpful. Probably because as a child, all of us enjoyed playing around with crayons. Our mind resonates crayons/coloring with happiness. It unleashes the child within and we tend to forget the real world. If you have time, you can join art classes too.

2) Brisk walking

This is a simple but effective method to reduce stress. And it doesn’t cost much. It is much more relaxing to walk in a park, near the beach or river. Make sure, walk faster so that you focus on walking and the environment around. This will break the chain of thoughts. Your mind and body muscle will be tired but still, the feeling is good. After 30mins. of the walk, drink lemon tea with a pinch of honey. That will restore your energy.

3) Go for cycling

When we grow up, we stop cycling and switch to motorbike or car. We forget how much fun with the cycle. During childhood days, learning to cycle was one of the key milestones. The cycle is for all ages. If you haven’t picked up cycle for a long time, then do that today. After a long ride, you will feel good and energetic. It is another good exercise for body and mind. Most importantly it helps in reducing weight.

4) Watching fishes

Watching fish in an aquarium or in a small pond close by can be very relaxing. This is another favorite stress buster. Fish movement attracts your attention immediately and you follow their movement closely. It’s been three weeks since I got an aquarium. I always thought it would be a hassle to keep the fishes and expensive too. But trust me, a fish bowl is not a hassle at all. As per feng-shui, fishes bring good luck and harmony to the house. So, if you have fish around you, you already know how soothing and peaceful it is.

5) Shopping

Shopping therapy is powerful but comes with a price. To manage this, better, keep your list ready. When in a foul mood, take a trip to the town and do some shopping. You don’t necessarily need to spend money, window shopping would also give you the same feeling. It diverts your attention and lets you forget your worries. Buying household items that you have been postponing because of a busy schedule, can be a good use of time.

6) Cook and eat your favorite food

Even if you are not a great cook, at times going into the kitchen and cooking your favorite food is always relaxing. If the food turns out good then it gives you an awesome kick. It changes your mood. But it can backfire too in case the food turns out to be a disaster. In that case, you can always head out to a restaurant and that is not a bad idea to relieve stress.

7) Cleaning & organizing

This is an amazing therapy to heal. Start putting things back in order and get yourself clutter free. It gives you clarity and direction. When you are involved in doing something like cleaning up house organizing cupboards, you may end up getting some amazing ideas to resolve the problems.

8) Talk to a friend

This has worked for me but of course, everyone is different. Some people shut themselves out when they are going through some sort of problems. They are not comfortable sharing it and that’s fine. You don’t need to discuss your current state of mind. You can kick off the conversations on a different topic. Having a conversation on a totally different topic will change your paradigm. Your attention would be diverted. Stressful mind usually loses the ability to make rightful decisions.


When we are filled with negative energy we tend to get stuck in a loop. We must break that loop and do something we love to do. That will help in restoring our energy and we start thinking positive again. This is not easy because the negative within you suck out a lot of energy and leave you empty. But little efforts will help in reducing the daily stress. She can lead a more healthy and happy.



Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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