How to get an interview call?

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If you are frustrated by spending hours, filling up the application forms and still didn’t get interview calls. Then, it’s time to evaluate the job application process. The job market is tough. The competition is higher. One has to go an extra mile to get noticed.

The biggest challenge is that there are too many applicants for limited job vacancies. Chances are that you may end up under piles of other resumes. Therefore, it is highly recommended that every day the first thing a job seeker should do is to mark all the jobs that he would apply. That’s how he can be under top ten applications.

5 key steps you should take to stand out from the crowd:

1) Read the job description carefully:

So, basic, right?! Trust me more than 50%, apply by seeing the title of the job. They don’t get into the details of roles. To stay ahead, it is important to read the description in detail.You will be in better position to present yourself.

2) Attach Cover Letter:

No matter how lame you feel about writing cover letters. If you are serious about getting an interview call, then do little extra. From the first point, if you know the details, you would know how to position yourself to the company. It is not necessary that your profile matches 80% of the requirements. The most important is the attitude and wilingness to take up the job.

3) Resume/CV:

This is the first representation of you. It has to be sleek and concise. Someone who deals with hundreds of CVs would be quick in filtering them. The headline and keywords in the CV should be in line with the job description. Maybe you don’t change the content everytime but changing the headline is important.

4) Complete the details in Application form:

It can very frustrating when “taleo” (online application system) doesn’t respond fast enough. Worse is when you have filled the application form and at the last stage, it doesn’t let you submit. You need to refresh the page and fill in the details again. One can’t escape dealing with taleo but can bring it down. Write all particular on a separate sheet. Use the sheet to fill in taleo. Most of the recruiters use this form for screening. So, it is important that they have all details handy.

5) Follow up on your application:

90% of the applicants wait for the employers to get back. But these CVs are being vetted by a human being and he may have missed your CV. After the application is submitted, one can track the progress in the system. If not, reach out to company’s HR on your application.

6) Apply through an internal candidate:

Application through internal candidates is given more weight compared to direct applications. Most companies have employee referral program and they tend to trust internal recommendations. If you have any professional connection with an employee, don’t hesitate to reach out. They would be happy to help because it is in their interest too.

If we are not doing above steps then it’s like shooting arrows in the dark. These steps don’t guarantee a call but improve your chances for sure.



Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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