Wait for your ship to come in!

Wait for your ship to come

At a young age, I read somewhere “Don’t wait for your ship to come in, Row out to meet it”. Since then it lingered in my mind. It perfectly matched with my personality. I am always filled with energy and ready to act. That means that if I want something, I would always take an initiative to get that. One of the reasons why I traveled several miles away from my hometown to a big city was because I was searching for a new and different life. Since then, there is no stopping. Whatever I desired in life, I always jump on to find ways to get it. Most of the time I was successful. So, this teaching did work for me.

After gaining many years of experience, I realized that it is not always good to take that first step. One needs to assess whether it is worth going to the ship or wait for the ship at the shore. At times, virtues like patience and endurance bear sweeter fruits. In the end, if it doesn’t work out then probably, something better is waiting for you.

For example – If you want to go to good school, you would give your best to get in. Let’s change a situation – If you are keen to join a company, you would wait for the best offer.
Another example – If you want to make good friends, you would reach out to people. But if you are in a romantic relationship, you would wait for another person to respond your interest.

All I am saying is to evaluate a situation and strategise on how would you approach. Always being a go-getter doesn’t help. People may view you as an aggressor or an opportunist. The aggressor is not necessarily a terrible thing. There are situations that need you to have an aggressive attitude. Aggressors have better survival instincts too.

But it is not necessarily that aggressors will always get the best deal. If that would be the case, then the only people who are ever successful in life would be go-getters. And that’s not true. People, who are less aggressive but successful, give credit to luck/fate. According to them, they never thought or worked towards achieving the success. It happened along the way. They were only focussing on their work. And enjoyed what they were doing.

The challenge with go-getters is they don’t handle their disappointments very well. If they don’t achieve their goal, they get disheartened. They invest all their energy and focus on getting to the ship. At times their estimation of the time/effort isn’t correct. That leads them to the feeling of failure. Again failing is not a bad thing. People should learn from their failures and do better in life. Obsessing over a goal is not good.

Go-getters tend to overlook many good things in life including relationships due to their obsession towards goal.

To all young people out there, be more calculative on your life goals and decide on which strategy works best. So, you will not be just successful but satisfied at the same time. Success and satisfaction should go hand in hand for a happy life.



Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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