5 Reasons why you shouldn’t cancel appointments

The reason I felt the need to write this post is because I have noticed that people generally tend to cancel their appointment at last minute. And that is not good. Not only for a business meeting but even for a casual meeting, in case you have an appointment fixed, make sure you honor that.

For example – You have a fixed appointment for a deal. But just before the meeting you got to know that there are chances of getting a better deal. One generally tend to cancel this appointment to secure the other one. In business, this is justified because one goes for a better deal. But what I am trying to say– don’t cancel your scheduled appointment. Meet the person and let her know that you have a better offer and you would like to consider that. This way you would set their expectations. They may be disappointed but they will respect you for the gesture.

Similarly, you have fixed an appointment with a friend. You don’t want to go as you don’t feel like stepping out. That is not acceptable. And below are reasons why you shouldn’t just cancel your fixed meeting.

5 reasons you shouldn’t cancel an appointment:

1) Expectations from both sides:

Hard to predict what the other person is expecting out of this meeting. She could be excited to talk about her new project or any new thoughts. She could be going through a bad time and needs a friend. Or she has a proposal for you to consider. If you cancel the meeting last minute, you are losing an opportunity to hear her side of the story.

2) Disappointing & Hurtful:

If an appointment is fixed means the time has been booked in advance. Both sides are looking forward to it. Last minute, you hear about cancellations. This is disappointing. You have to weigh options, the urgent matter is more important than the meeting. In case it is unavoidable, make sure you call and apologize.

3) Time is wasted:

When an appointment is booked means that someone has allocated time for you. It is hard to rejig the calendar if the meeting gets canceled last minute. You will end up wasting someone else’s time. Time is important for everyone.

4) Mutual Respect:

Cancelling an appointment is a big blow to the mutual respect. Even though the other person says ‘ok’ for the reschedule, she is disappointed. She doesn’t look at you in same way as it was before. It gets worse if you don’t call to apologize and request for rescheduling. Canceling appointment should be last option.

5) Speaks a volume about you as “human being”:

Honouring appointments speak a lot about the kind of person you are. Your sensitivity and respect (for others) will earn you similar sensitivity and respect. People would like to be associated and you may end up benefitting in the long run.

I have had people who cancelled dinner appointments on the same day. We had started the preparations and last minute the person called to inform that he had prior engagements and he double-booked himself. Of course, the apology was accepted but the reason for cancelling the appointment did anger me. He is still not being invited for dinner.

Similarly, a friend requested for a lunch appointment. And on the same day, she canceled it. The time was being booked for about a week. Though I understand that she may have something important to attend but how many times it happens that we end up canceling appointments for no good reason.

I want people to realize that how bad it is to cancel appointments! Don’t do that unless it is necessary.

Do share with us if you had similar experiences.

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Author: Rashmi Anand

I am a digital marketerby profession. Pasionate about blogging and changing people's lives.

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