‘Secret Superstar’ Movie Review

Secret Super

It is little late to write a review on this movie. But it’s better late than never. Aamir Khan movie came after a long time and it’s worth a dissection. Though there is nothing outstanding but it does touch several issues that had existed. The intention was good but it felt like this movie was the combination of all episodes of Satyameva Jayate. This story touched all issues like female infanticide, domestic violence, gender biases, child marriage, dowry, women empowerment, divorce and love jihad. But like Satyameva Jayate came 5-6 years ago, this movie should have been made about ten years ago. Probably, it would have been much more relevant back then. In today’s time, who doesn’t have an internet, laptop or mobile phone? If someone has the money to buy a ‘guitar’, then why can’t she buy a laptop etc? Why does Inisya need to travel twice to Mumbai? She traveled to Mumbai twice and it went unnoticed? She flew to Mumbai and came back after recording in the studio within school hours? Those scenes defy logic. The irony is that this is Aamir Khan’s production.

The climax of the movie doesn’t carry much weight. Not strong enough reasons for Inisya to give up everything and follow mother’s footsteps. She was ready to sacrifice her dreams, logic, and talent so that she could stand by her mother. And the mother’s realization towards the end was way too short and quick. The movie was pacig slow in the beginning, therefore towards the end it felt like rushing. Again, the logic was missing at many places. What really triggered her mother to speak at the airport and not at the time when she was getting beaten to death? One could predict the whole movie after watching the first 30mins. The lyrics of the songs may be good but the music was unbearable. Given that this movie was targeted to a younger audience, it should have had some catchy tunes. These days, the music directors don’t pay much attention to lyrics and music, as rightly pointed out in the movie.

Some positive were Aamir Khan’s acting. His quirky character of an abusive music director, was humorous and entertaining. But there were many scenes where his stardom overpowered him. This is his film and he was trying harder and that was quite evident.

The character Inisya played by Zaira Wasim was fabulous. She proved her top-notch acting skills once again (after Dangal). She acted as if there was no camera around. Her burkha clad Secret SuperStar character was inspired by many Youtube singing sensation of this age. Her acting was natural and she made it look real. A lot of scenes were shot without makeup. And that made her look simple and relatable.

The mother played by Meher Vij was cute and played her part well. After playing a convincing role of a mother in Bajrangi Bhaijan, this was her second big appearance. She has shown tremendous potential to be a new age, Nirupa Roy. The scene where the mother-daughter duo was enjoying TV during dinner when everyone in the house goes to bed, is straight from middle-class households in the country.

The love angle shown between Inisya and her classmate was useless. There was no point and no need to be in the movie. Even then, the boy had some good punches in his part.

The movie showed a bond between mother and daughter and it came out quite well. And it was backed by some good acting skills. But other than that, the movie was quite an average. I would suggest, you can wait to watch it on TV if you are not a ardent moviegoer.



Harry Met Sejal Movie Review

Harry met sejal

Like I said in my earlier post, I post reviews only if I have loved it or hated it. And it is by chance that I had reasons to write reviews for last two consecutive posts.

By now, you must have heard about the most awaited Shah Rukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali movie “Harry Met Sejal“. I am an Imtiaz Ali Fan. Most of his movies are based on similar plot, boy meets girl, they have some fun in the first half and then the second half is all about realization. I also ended up liking Tamasha (which most people disliked) At least it had some freshness. He was trying to do something different which may not have come out exactly how he planned. I have a high threshold of tolerance for his movies. But ‘Harry Met Sejal” is an absolute torture. I really want to ask Imtiaz, why?! Was it the lack of script or the pressure of handling super star. This movie is a hotchpotch of DDLJ, Jab we met, YJHD and all of his last releases. The theme may have worked 20-25 years ago. It’s not gullible now. We are watching SRK for thousands of years and he has been relentless in his performance. We still enjoy his acting in gheecy-Pitty situations. But this movie was such a drag that in last 45mins, I was dozing off. Desperately waiting for the movie to end.

The movie starts showing SRK as a tour guide. And I kept wondering how come a tour- guide has a swanky convertible car and an alishan (grandeur) ghar. If tour guides in the foreign country earn that much, we all should start thinking of changing our profession. I had many questions during the movie – Why Sejal was so dumb? Like, when will they stop showing girls dumb onscreen? Why Sejal had such strong Gujarati accent? Don’t the diamond merchant’s daughter go to convent schools? Why Sejal wanted to follow Harry to a bar soon after she hired him to find her lost engagement ring? Why was she swaying her body and seducing Harry inside the bar? Was she attracted to him? They had just met! This movie is so dumb that it can’t be expressed in words. There is no story and if there is, it is wafer thin. After watching the whole movie, I kept wondering why were they showing flashbacks of Harry’s village? What is it that was bothering him? I mean what was the climax of the movie!

I can go on like this for the rest of the review. By now you have a fair idea of why this movie is so difficult to watch. I was so inflated of boredom that it felt like I was going to burst anytime. Every scene in the movie has been stolen from some of his old movies. How come a bizarre concept like a girl stayed back in a foreign country along, just to find a ring! She had all the money in the world to travel places all over again, JUST to find her engagement ring. C’mon! She would have spent more money in looking for the ring than the value of ring itself. Ultimately what happens, the ring was in her bag! By now, I was like ….


She found the ring. But instead of going back home, she decided to go to his friend’s wedding. Why? Emotion, Emotion, Way too much emotions to handle. Emotions that failed to get audience emotional.

Songs and dance were so misfitting that it felt like instead of putting the buttons at the right place, it was put all over the shirt. The songs were not catchy and looked so pointless. Very unlike SRK and Imtiaz’s movies.

I forgot to mention, the weirdest of all was that Sejal was hugging and sleeping with Harry throughout the trip and for no good reason. Every time Harry expressed his like/concern, she said her fiancée is waiting in Mumbai and her life is just so perfect there. In one of the scenes, she actually says that she is honeymooning with Harry before her marriage. I mean, like seriously, don’t trust your ENGAGED daughter, sister, fiancee with traveling abroad because zabardasti, she may be meeting a tourist guide and end up falling in love. This is exactly like justifying a Delhi’s upper middle-class girl running away with her driver (with all due respect to the profession).

Matlab yaar, I can just go on and on about the disastrous movie. I was bloating to write this review and save few lives this weekend. I can’t believe I lost 3 hours of sleep in a hurry to catch SRK movie on day 1. So, in case you are planning to watch a movie this weekend, find some other movie. This movie doesn’t deserve to be watched. I refuse to give any star to this disaster. Very disappointed.


“Vatan Se” Restaurant Review!

Generally, I don’t like to write reviews on my blog unless I really liked it or detested it strongly. Therefore, the reviews that you will find here are direct from the heart (just like my blog). Since last month, we have decided to try new restaurants every week. The reason behind the decision was that the girls are forced to try new dishes. When it is dinner time, and hungry, they have no choice but to eat what is in front of them.

It has been an exciting experience so far. We have only tried Indian restaurants near our area(east coast park). And there are quite a few close by because of the huge Indian population.

As part of this ritual, today we visited a restaurant called Vatan Se. There is a newly opened branch at 368 Tanjong Katong Road. We had heard about the place but because it was closer to the house, it was given the last priority. Though Vatan se has few chain of restaurants in the city, catering parties/gatherings, and marinated bbq are their main business.

This was my first visit to the restaurant. So, I wasn’t sure if the décor was consistent in all the branches. The ambiance was warm and attractive. There was Bollywood music playing in the background. I can assure you that there are only a few restaurants where you will find such a thoughtful décor. The furniture and upholstery were tastefully chosen. The food was served in the biodegradable material (Pattal) and other utensils were copper plated steel glasses/cutlery. One can sense the personal touch given to the restaurant.

The hosts were again warm and comforting. We are not sure if it was because of Sunday or their son’s birthday party, but we managed to meet the owners of the restaurant. During a brief chat on the opening of the new branch, he mentioned that as part of their commitment to providing an unforgettable dining experience, he started a new scheme of offering 10% on the food bill. Only if you surrender your gadgets before ordering the meal. I was totally impressed. How many would risk the idea of getting more check-ins and likes on Facebook that people sometimes post when they are dining in a restaurant?! He also mentioned about food quality and how he chose to keep it simple and home cooked. There are no additional color or preservatives that other restaurants like to add in order to make it more attractive and delicious.

To be honest, we were little overwhelmed after the chat and our expectations were higher. We ordered Paneer makhani, butter naans and Vegetable fried rice. There was papad and green chutney in the beginning. Not to mention, they did meet our expectation. The color of food was indeed little different. And paneer was literally melting in the mouth. The food had a very authentic north Indian taste. One would actually make a difference between makhni you eat at Vatan Se and the ones you try in other places. Vegetable Fried rice also tasted good. The Butter naans were hot and butter was dripping from naan, just like how my husband likes it! Interestingly my daughters enjoyed the food too.

I heard that their Kebabs are popular too. I am planning to try them on our next visit. They also have weekend brunch $10++(per pax) with a different menu every week. And if you register on their website, they will inform you every weekend.

In terms of pricing, this restaurant is little on the higher end. The portion of food that you get for the price you pay leaves you little dissatisfied. But the taste and ambiance makes it all worth it.

If you are looking for a healthy, authentic home cooked North Indian meal, I would recommend this place.

In case you are visiting the restaurants after reading this blog, please let them know VatanSe005. They may end up offering you 5% off. They are generous and genuine people.


My horrible experience with “True Fitness” GYM

So, like any other GYM enthusiasts, I also like gyming and keeping myself in shape or for that matter healthy. Being a mum and a working one, it’s hard to hit the GYM that often but it becomes easy when GYM facilities are just downstairs.

I have been in Singapore for last 8 years and for some reason “True Fitness” has always been around my office place.

Few years ago,I was the member in Harborfront branch and but got it cancelled because my office was moving. And trust me, they DID cancel my membership before it matures.

My earlier experience with True Fitness was not bad because they had basic GYM facilities and a steam room. And those were two things, I usually avail in time that I had. People used to complain about poor trainer’s attitude, hygiene issues and bad customer experience etc. but I was never bothered because my life was good and it never hindered.

So, few years down the line, I signed up with “True Fitness” again in China square central branch, again because it was easily accessible.  But this time, I got pregnant after 5 months of GYM usage. I had signed up for a year membership. So, I spoke to the GYM and initially they were very reluctant to cancel. After several rounds to their GYM downstairs and meeting few people, they agreed that with medical report, they can try to convince management to cancel. Then I had to pay additional to the hospital to get the medical report. And on basis of that, they cancelled my membership. So,  I happily left the GYM and was fine that even after several rounds they cancelled and understood my problems. In my thoughts, “True Fitness” was still ranking high because of the humane gesture they showed by cancelling it.

After almost six months, while I was reviewing my Credit Card Bill, I noticed that “True Fitness” charged membership fee my card. I was in total shock because I was not in touch with GYM for almost 8-9 months. And I had already ended my membership with them.

I called up the GYM to enquired. And further to that shock they told me that my membership was stalled and not cancelled. And I have to continue irrespective of what. Or just continue to pay whether I use the service or not. Moreover, China square central branch is closed. The nearest is not close to my office or house. So, I cannot invest 3 hours for gym in a week just because I have signed up for it.

So, this is the email that I sent to them explaining my situation. And I heard that customer service is usually not good here but reply was surprising. It’s like if I have signed up for a service  and signed on “Terms and Conditions”, then I have to adhere to it even if I die.

On top of that, customer service guy spoke to me so rudely  as if I have borrowed money from him and not paying on time.

So, following concerns and questions I have, if “True Fitness” can answer :

1)   Why do I still have to pay you when I no longer wants to use your service?

2)   Why did you charge my card without notifying me that I will be charged from this month onwards? If I had not checked then I would have been paying this amount without knowing. [This is duping!!]

3)   If I had a genuine case for cancellation, why won’t you cancel? There should be cancellation policy right? If I am signing on “Terms and Conditions”, it doesn’t mean you the right to screw me.

4)   Why your customer service professionals don’t have the courtesy to talk to existing members? They are sugar coated only when they have to sell membership?

5)   Why can’t you get your trainers to behave even if members are not signing up for “personal trainers”? It is ok to guide people those who have signed up to use your machines.

Now I go back to see all the reviews and I do agree that these kind of gyms earn money by duping people. I don’t know if any other GYM has such terms and conditions or if anyone has faced any such situation.

I had faced a similar situation with “Street deal” when I was making a purchase of $18 and my card was charged “$84”. On checking, I found out that, I had agreed to their membership and terms and conditions by clicking. I was enraged what kind of service is that. And why such people are allowed to do business here?! Later, I saw a huge article that more people were duped by Street deal and govt has warned them to put their acts together.

The only reason why I wanted to share my experience is that people are aware that such things can happen when they are signing up with “True Fitness” or any other GYM.

Would be great if we share more so that people are aware when they are signing on terms and conditions like that.

Thank you for reading this! If you have any advice for me then feel free to send me a note as I am still paying “True Fitness” and I don’t have time to avail their services.
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Best Hospital for toddlers! KK Women and Children Hospital

A lot of expats with kids when they come to Singapore, their main concern is Medical facilities. When we came, we were singles and the first time when I got pregnant, I went to Raffles Hospital. But because there was no lady gynae available, I was advised to go to KK. One of the key reasons why they suggested KK is because it was lot cheaper than any other hospital.

Medical in Singapore is super expensive and for kids, one always look for more affordable hospital because not all costs are covered by Insurance. Both my kids are born in KK. Though not everyone had a great experience with KK but so far our experience has been good.

I just wanted to review the Medical facilities through KK :-

1) Most important for any hospital is the quality of doctors : Medical is a profession where people get more expert by handling the number of cases. The more patients a doctor sees means means more experienced and therefore good. One of the reasons why Indian doctors are so good. Because they have to deal with so many patients every day. oKK is one of the most popular hospitals so it gets the maximum number of the cases. Even though, I may not be satisfied with the quality of doctsors but I am sure this one is best amongst the lot.

2) Hygiene/Cleanliness : Most of the people here are very hygenic. By that means, this may not be best face. By hygiene I mean toilets, wards, corridors etc. Having said that it definitely matches basic hygiene requirements which is not that bad.

3) Nurses : This is a mix of nurses. Some are very rude and some of them are really nice. I would rather ignore the rude ones and focus on hard working and nice nurses. Overall nurses are very cooperative, kind and good personality. There is a humane touch. I still remember my first pregnancy, I had a severe blood loss. I was not able to get up from bed and go to washroom and shower. The patience and help that they offered that time, I still remember the experience. Because of that experience, we went to the same doc in same hospital for second pregancy.

4) Equipments/Instruments : KK has all the equipments and instruments required for any severe cases. A lot of hospitals also refer the cases to KK. So when you are in KK, rest assured that you will be alright when you go back home. Doctors take responsibility for that. For both of my pregnancies , I had complications and we felt so helpless but this place gave us an assurance that things will be alright. Our doctor Ms.J.M Lee personally took care of me even though she always has a huge line up of patients everyday. She was sensitive, caring and protective.

5) Overall attending time : So in case of any illness, one has to straightaway go to emergency. There is very few appointments that can be taken in advance. Post emergency you may request for a follow up check ups but generally it is not required. Once a kid goes out of emergency, usually he is fine. At least I never had any bad experience. Whenever my kids fall sick, I normally bring them to KK. There have been times when KK staff told us to bring the kids to GP if they are not serious or something but somehow I have been trusting KK. I must admit that the wait time in KK is crazy, of course for the same reason that everyone goes there. But nurses and doctors are very patient with everyone.

So, yeah there are some hospitals in Singapore that are super expensive and the ambience of the hospital would be like a five star hotel with fantastic services but of course not sure about the medical facilities. For my needs, I will continue to trust KK.

Delhi 6 Restaurant-Review

Delhi 6

I heard a lot about Delhi 6 restaurant from friends but very recently I had the opportunity to go to the place in Katong V mall.

First of all, it took us almost 10mins. to figure out where is the place in Katong mall itself. As soon as one enters in the mall, there is Fairprice finest and then the way is blocked for rest of the shops and restaurants that is behind Fair price finest. So, though there is directory right in front which told us that the restaurant is at level 1 but one can’t see.

When we found the place, I wasn’t expecting the look and feel of it. It was under the mall but it was like that they placed chairs and tables outside with a little boundary. I noticed that there was another famous restaurant Azzura whose sitting arrangement was similar. So, I don’t know if that is requirement from the mall. I wasn’t impressed by the ambiance. So, I will give 6/10. I was really not expecting that.

We had actually bought their deal from Groupon which was about $50 for two people. We thought the deal was reasonable but it actually wasn’t and turned out to be expensive. Because even through there was free flow of Kebabs, Biryani and drinks. We are not a heavy eater and we went for dinner so we kept it light. Two people can easily eat with $30 or so.

Food was good. Kebabs were tasty and mouth watering and best part was, it was melting in the mouth and that’s how it should be. The Kebab platter was a mix of smoked kebab, malai kebab and kebab roll. Kebabs with green and red chutney was just so awesome. Also because I was very hungry by the time we reached. Kebab was suppose to be starter followed by biryani. Biryani was not that great. I have had better biryanis that this one and it was spicy even from Indian standard of spiciness. Also just to let you know that we don’t eat that spicy. So you can understand the spiciness level we are talking about. And yes Mango Lassi was good too. So for food 8/10.

Service and staff were very good. They were courteous, served the food on time, We didn’t have to wait long. Also the package deal that we bought, had beers in them and both me and my husband don’t drink beer but they happily replaced it with other drinks which was a kind gesture.

So, yeah overall was good experience. But will I go there again? Naah will try another restuarant to review it for you all.