Why ‘Reading’ is important for everyone?

Book reading
Book Reading

With the advent of smartphones and Social Media, young people are losing interest in reading. They are mugging up course books and pass exams to get into next level. But are they really learning?!

I live in a city where we are privileged to have a public library in every corner. It is so much easier. We can go to the library, browse books, newspaper/ magazines or bring them home. Libraries are a knowledge powerhouse. A temple for book readers. Not everyone has access to such facilities but still, they can either buy or share books. One shouldn’t STOP reading. I think we are forgetting the reasons why we should read. And here, I am giving you reasons to read:

5 reasons why it is important to read

1) Gives you perspectives

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, our judgment is based on what we are being taught during childhood days. Later, our perspective is shaped based on the world around us. It teaches a lot. But still, the world around us could be limiting. One needs to know what happens beyond their own world. Many people prefer to travel for the same reasons – To know more, to understand more. Not everyone has the luxury to travel to places. You have a chance to escape through your books.

2) More knowledgeable than peers

Reading differentiates between literates and illiterates. By illiterates, I don’t mean those who cannot read or write. There is another kind of modern day illiterate who can read and write but have no knowledge. You discuss any topic related to women issues, international trade, sports or anything at all. They don’t know and they don’t care. I am sure you don’t want to be in that position.

3) Knowledge brings more wealth

This will capture your interest. Yes, it will! The more knowledge you acquire the more ideas you get your hands on to. Don’t you notice that all rich and successful people read and they read a lot! Reading helps open your mind. For example – if you are reading biographies, you know how other people have done in the past. It shows you new path or direction. There are many people who read just to get ideas on making more money.

4) Reading inspires you

It is evident that reading has changed many lives. Any topic that you strongly feel about, read about it. Get more knowledge on the same. It can inspire you to an extent that has no limits. You know sometimes we reach a stage when we start questioning everything around us. And that one ’cause’ could give you a strong reason to contribute to the world or humanity. Everyone needs an inspiration in life. And that inspiration won’t come from everyday chores. It comes from Reading.

5) Reading is fun

If you have not been exposed to this part of the fun then you should check with your “reader” friends? They will tell you “book reading” is the biggest addiction on earth. And there is no rehabilitation center to cure that. It is a good addiction. I know people who have taken a vacation just to go on an island with a box of books and never came out of their rooms. Books can be another quick and cheap getaway from a regular ordinary life. The success of books like Harry Porter series, Twilight or Sophie’s world explains the very same fact.

I am part of this amazing Book reader group. We meet once a month and discuss the book. The discussion is full of creative and intellectual juices. When you hear different point of views about the same subject, it opens your mind. I have been enjoying the group and now I am inviting you to join. The only catch is that you must finish the book in 4 weeks. Most of us are working and we still find time to read. We read all sorts of genres and at this point, we are trying to read one book from each genre. You can more than welcome to suggest your favorite and if your book wins maximum votes (from members) then we discuss the book in next meeting. Isn’t it exciting?! So, drop me a note if you want to be part of this.