Harry Met Sejal Movie Review

Harry met sejal

Like I said in my earlier post, I post reviews only if I have loved it or hated it. And it is by chance that I had reasons to write reviews for last two consecutive posts.

By now, you must have heard about the most awaited Shah Rukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali movie “Harry Met Sejal“. I am an Imtiaz Ali Fan. Most of his movies are based on similar plot, boy meets girl, they have some fun in the first half and then the second half is all about realization. I also ended up liking Tamasha (which most people disliked) At least it had some freshness. He was trying to do something different which may not have come out exactly how he planned. I have a high threshold of tolerance for his movies. But ‘Harry Met Sejal” is an absolute torture. I really want to ask Imtiaz, why?! Was it the lack of script or the pressure of handling super star. This movie is a hotchpotch of DDLJ, Jab we met, YJHD and all of his last releases. The theme may have worked 20-25 years ago. It’s not gullible now. We are watching SRK for thousands of years and he has been relentless in his performance. We still enjoy his acting in gheecy-Pitty situations. But this movie was such a drag that in last 45mins, I was dozing off. Desperately waiting for the movie to end.

The movie starts showing SRK as a tour guide. And I kept wondering how come a tour- guide has a swanky convertible car and an alishan (grandeur) ghar. If tour guides in the foreign country earn that much, we all should start thinking of changing our profession. I had many questions during the movie – Why Sejal was so dumb? Like, when will they stop showing girls dumb onscreen? Why Sejal had such strong Gujarati accent? Don’t the diamond merchant’s daughter go to convent schools? Why Sejal wanted to follow Harry to a bar soon after she hired him to find her lost engagement ring? Why was she swaying her body and seducing Harry inside the bar? Was she attracted to him? They had just met! This movie is so dumb that it can’t be expressed in words. There is no story and if there is, it is wafer thin. After watching the whole movie, I kept wondering why were they showing flashbacks of Harry’s village? What is it that was bothering him? I mean what was the climax of the movie!

I can go on like this for the rest of the review. By now you have a fair idea of why this movie is so difficult to watch. I was so inflated of boredom that it felt like I was going to burst anytime. Every scene in the movie has been stolen from some of his old movies. How come a bizarre concept like a girl stayed back in a foreign country along, just to find a ring! She had all the money in the world to travel places all over again, JUST to find her engagement ring. C’mon! She would have spent more money in looking for the ring than the value of ring itself. Ultimately what happens, the ring was in her bag! By now, I was like ….


She found the ring. But instead of going back home, she decided to go to his friend’s wedding. Why? Emotion, Emotion, Way too much emotions to handle. Emotions that failed to get audience emotional.

Songs and dance were so misfitting that it felt like instead of putting the buttons at the right place, it was put all over the shirt. The songs were not catchy and looked so pointless. Very unlike SRK and Imtiaz’s movies.

I forgot to mention, the weirdest of all was that Sejal was hugging and sleeping with Harry throughout the trip and for no good reason. Every time Harry expressed his like/concern, she said her fiancée is waiting in Mumbai and her life is just so perfect there. In one of the scenes, she actually says that she is honeymooning with Harry before her marriage. I mean, like seriously, don’t trust your ENGAGED daughter, sister, fiancee with traveling abroad because zabardasti, she may be meeting a tourist guide and end up falling in love. This is exactly like justifying a Delhi’s upper middle-class girl running away with her driver (with all due respect to the profession).

Matlab yaar, I can just go on and on about the disastrous movie. I was bloating to write this review and save few lives this weekend. I can’t believe I lost 3 hours of sleep in a hurry to catch SRK movie on day 1. So, in case you are planning to watch a movie this weekend, find some other movie. This movie doesn’t deserve to be watched. I refuse to give any star to this disaster. Very disappointed.