Why don’t women play sports?

I was sitting with a large group of people in a business meeting. There was the client, vendors and us. Since there were new people in the group, we decided to introduce ourselves. Almost 50% of them were women, and they had hobbies either related to cooking, internet surfing, shopping or sleeping. I think only one woman liked yoga. Though the sample size is small, it got me thinking! Why don’t women pick up any sports?

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Sports Gear

Playing sports not only keeps the body fit and healthy but it also keeps your mind active and healthy. Most of the women would say they don’t find time after work. Then I would say, people, always find time for their priorities. But more than that the problem if to find a company to play. Even if you want to play, there are few women who are keen to play. One is not asking you to play soccer or wrestling, you can pick up games like badminton, ping pong, swimming, cycling or tennis. These are some of the common games which people around you may find some interest.

Sports is so much fun. When a group of people plays together, it can get competitive and fun. When we join the workforce post college or let’s say when we get into life post college, it gets complex with every passing year. There is so much to take care of. But during all this, we shouldn’t quit sports.

During childhood days, I had the same problem. None of the girls played cricket but I used  to play with boys. And they were more than happy to get an additional player for fielding, bowling or batting. The games are such, the more the merrier. We played badminton too. That used to be a favourite game during winter nights.

I studied in girls’ convent and we used to have martial arts class and basketball games. But other than that, there were not many sports played. Most of the girls were busy studying. Studies used to be ‘the focus’ at school as well as at home. My father was a sports teacher then. He understood the importance of playing games. He always encouraged me and my brother to play and watch games. One of the reasons why I liked to watch games.

When you are adults, finding friends become difficult. Sports is a fantastic way to meet like-minded people and mingle with them. So, in case you aren’t playing any sports, try to find some time once a week and see remarkable changes in life.

Drop me a note if you do notice the change and since when.